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Garth Park Kitchen

Serving breakfast, lunch, sweet and savoury daily bakes in the beautiful surroundings of Garth Park in Bicester

Our food and drink utilises produce from local farmers and growers, showcasing the very best of the seasons

We look forward to welcoming you soon

Our Coffee 

Ue Coffee Roasters based in Oxfordshire not only offer high grade beans but also has fantastic ethics when working with the farms, and where possible only working with Rainforest Certified Coffee Farms.

The way in which the coffee is roasted is one of the most significant influences that flavours the coffee, this is where the real talent shines through from the Ue team, they are the first and only 100% artisan wood powered coffee roastery in the UK. The roasting process uses 100% hot air, delivering a more even roast whilst resulting in a cleaner, sweeter, full bodied tasting coffee.

Bags of coffee beans from roasters Ue Coffee based in Oxfordshire
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