Flat White

Our Ristretto topped with Steamed Milk, this is a full-flavoured coffee with a velvety, smooth texture.


A Single Espresso with Steamed Milk, making for the perfect milky coffee.


Our Double Espresso, mixed with a good dash of Chocolate powder, filled with Steamed Milk and topped with the classic foam.

Caffè Mocha

Our Double Espresso, mixed with Chocolate, filled with Steamed Milk.


Our Double Espresso mixed into hot water


A pure and simple extraction from a beautifully roasted bean.


A double shot of our perfectly roasted coffee with a 3/4 extraction.

Our Coffee

Our mission is to offer you the finest coffee we can, to do this, we needed an exceptional coffee bean.
So with this as our focus we had to find an exceptional coffee bean supplier; Ue Coffee Roasters, A local company from Oxfordshire not only offers high grade beans but also has fantastic ethics when working with the farms, and where possible only working with Rainforest Certified Coffee Farms.

The way in which the coffee is roasted is one of the most significant influences that flavours the coffee, this is where the real talent shines through from the Ue team, they are the first and only 100% artisan wood powered coffee roastery in the UK. The roasting process uses 100% hot air, delivering a more even roast whilst resulting in a cleaner, sweeter, full bodied tasting coffee.

Its a must try!

Tea Selection

Earl of Grey

Earl Grey is the most famous of all scented black teas, a true classic. There are many different blends out there, but our loose leaf Earl of Grey is unique with its zesty lime taste and aroma.

Breakfast Tea

Its stimulating aromatic full-bodied taste is said to take on the flavours of a cooked English breakfast.

Oxford Brew

This specially selected organic house blend pays homage to Jeeves & Jericho’s home town of Oxford. It’s of the same standard as our English Breakfast but with a little more punch.


Using the highest-grade ‘Temple Of Heaven’ Gunpowder tea. Each leaf has been rolled into a tight round pellet, allowing the leaves to retain more of their flavour and aroma

Mojito Mint

This delicious, soothing and refreshing tonic is a zingy version of the traditional peppermint tea.

Blackcurrant Pop

A truly memorable rich fruity tonic. The tart and intense flavours of blackcurrants and raisins are blended with elderberries, candied pineapple chunks and hibiscus blossoms.

Red Berry Burst

Its intense fruity aroma is like pure summer sunshine in a cup to enjoy all year round. So treat your taste buds to our juicy berry adventure.

Our Tea

We wanted to offer you some of the finest, unusual, interesting, and beautifully blended teas that were on offer.
If you love tea, or if you haven’t had the opportunity to try such a varied assortment of teas yet, then we would love to see you.

When we look for any supplier, we look for people with passion, a great product as well as an ethical approach. So good fortune just so happened upon us when we found Jeeves & Jericho. Not only did they for-fill our desires with the varied assortment of ethically sourced teas, but they just so happened to be a passionate team, based in Oxford.

Our goal is to be able to offer you something beautifully crafted, full of flavour and with a smile.
So if you’re in the park, or want somewhere to visit for a treat, come and see us and we’ll happily discuss and drink tea, all day.

We’re looking forward to seeing you already!

Extra Refreshments

Dark Hot Chocolate

Try our rich, super smooth and creamy hot chocolate, you wont regret it… we promise!

Chai Latte

Made with steamed milk and blended spices, this is full of flavour and a must try.

Iced Latte

An iced cup filled with cold milk followed by a Single Espresso shot.

Iced Americano

An iced cup filled with cold water, followed with a Double Espresso.

Iced Mocha

An iced cup, a good dose of our home made chocolate sauce,
then filled with cold milk and followed by a Double Espresso.


A little something for the kids, naturally sweet foamed milk.

Our Extras

Something a little naughty, something a little nice, and something with spice, we have lots of things for you to try.
Our favourite is the Dark hot chocolate… this is definitely on the naughty list but it’s worth it.

Something for the little ones, the Babyccino, guaranteed to make a smile.

If your feeling in the mood for some spice, we have the Chai latte.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’re here!


If you’re not in the mood for coffee or Tea, don’t worry, we have a selection of other drinks available, these include alcoholic and non alcoholic options.